Awesome Ideas for House Parties with Friends


pool party at home

Nothing’s better than having a house all to yourself and if you’re wondering why, it’s really because you can freely throw a house party. But your house party should not just be any party, it should definitely be a memorable one. Of course, spending the party night with your friends makes it something hard to forget but there’s no harm in stepping up your game.

There are tons of ways to step up your party game. Buying the right food and drinks may be step one, then setting up the right party lights would follow. The next step would be choosing what type of party you’re actually throwing. Is it just a drinking party? A dinner party? Or perhaps, a tea party? If your mind is not quite made up yet then our suggestions below just might help.

Pool Party

For those of you who are lucky enough to have swimming pools at home, don’t just leave the water untouched and let your friends jump in it. Bring out the chips, drinks, speakers, and the best playlist on the poolside so you can dance around in the water with your friends as well.

As for those who don’t have pools at home, there’s always that inflatable option. If this party is really something you and your friends want to pull off, you guys can chip in around to buy the inflatable, choose a house to do the party in, bring out the food, booze, speakers and you’re good to go.

movie party with popcorn

Food Party

For the foodies and food enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect party for you. You can simply set a date and invite friends over to your home for some food trip. The catch, however, is that each friends should bring their own contribution to the food buffet. It’s even better if there’s a variety of the food types; just agree among each other who’s bringing the pastas, the desserts, the meat, and so on.

Movie night Party

Movie night is fun when it’s done right. Though it’s usually done in the living room or in your very own room, nothing really beats watching horror movies outside. The natural darkness and the thrilling open environment just sets the mood so well. So if you’re thinking of setting up a home theater, have your options open to an outdoor version as well. Check out for some ideas about the equipment and set ups.

Gaming Party

Let’s face it, playing games with your friends is really fun. Set your house into a gaming zone for a day (or night). Install your playstation, xbox, wii for the video gamers. And don’t forget the actual physical games like Twister, board games like Monopoly, and card games. Pair with some music and food and everyone’s gonna bring out their inner gamer.