Getting to Know The Right Way Of Practicing Your Guitar Skills

practicing guitar

Time and time again, we’ve all heard that one popular saying that goes “practice makes perfect”; unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to perfect anything. Still, this does not mean that practice is useless. In fact, constant practice leads to permanence–which means that the skill you keep practicing will eventually become automatic. This principle applies to arithmetic skills, sports, and when it comes to playing an instrument such as the guitar.

Hence, guitar masters have always reiterated that practicing should never be sacrificed; that practicing at least 10 minutes per day would be much better than just spending an hour or two per week. However, there are aspiring guitarists who follow an unhealthy practice routine that might just ruin their chances of playing the instrument. That being said, this article will tackle about the right way of practicing guitar.

The Right Routine

  • Be comfortable.

Don’t underestimate the way you sit when you start practicing. Make it to a point that you are seated comfortably and that your body won’t be struggling when you play the instrument. Otherwise, you might suffer a sore back, neck, or arms. Be conscious of your positioning. Your head must sit over your shoulders but it should not lean too forward and your wrists should not bend in extreme positions.

  • Don’t press too hard.

Exerting effort beyond what you need when pressing against the strings will only take away your energy. Know if you’re pressing too hard by experimenting the strings first by playing lightly; a little increase in pressing should follow along the way.

  • Practice to a beat.

A metronome is great to practice with. It will help you with timing since generally, you’ll be playing to a beat anyway and so, you might as well practice to a beat.

  • Have a break.

Non-stop practicing is not recommended; instead of sharpening your skills, too much practice might just cause you hand injury. Hence, always have enough breaks during practice. Perhaps you can practice for 2 sets of 15 minutes in an hour.

guitar accessories

  • Know when to stop.

Listen to your body. If your arms, hands, and the rest of your body screams for wrap-up then wrap it up. Don’t ignore the soreness you feel. In other words, know when you need to stop. Don’t push yourself too hard.

  • Ease into a new guitar.

When trying out new guitar playing styles or new guitars, you have to ease into it. Don’t jump to another instrument so suddenly. Introduce your muscles gently, at first, to, let’s say, an electric guitar. With that, you can slowly start learning it with the help of an amplifier (check out the practice amps we love). Make sure you ease into your new adventure slowly but surely.

The Bottom Line

At the end of day, it all boils down to two things: Practice constantly but don’t overdo. Eventually, you’ll be good to go in showing off your skills during family parties or parties with friends. Still, as mentioned above, you may even opt to practice for 5-10 minutes a day but do not spend 24 hours on your guitar or your fingers might just bleed and before you know it, injuries might even prevent you from playing further.

Awesome Ideas for House Parties with Friends


pool party at home

Nothing’s better than having a house all to yourself and if you’re wondering why, it’s really because you can freely throw a house party. But your house party should not just be any party, it should definitely be a memorable one. Of course, spending the party night with your friends makes it something hard to forget but there’s no harm in stepping up your game.

There are tons of ways to step up your party game. Buying the right food and drinks may be step one, then setting up the right party lights would follow. The next step would be choosing what type of party you’re actually throwing. Is it just a drinking party? A dinner party? Or perhaps, a tea party? If your mind is not quite made up yet then our suggestions below just might help.

Pool Party

For those of you who are lucky enough to have swimming pools at home, don’t just leave the water untouched and let your friends jump in it. Bring out the chips, drinks, speakers, and the best playlist on the poolside so you can dance around in the water with your friends as well.

As for those who don’t have pools at home, there’s always that inflatable option. If this party is really something you and your friends want to pull off, you guys can chip in around to buy the inflatable, choose a house to do the party in, bring out the food, booze, speakers and you’re good to go.

movie party with popcorn

Food Party

For the foodies and food enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect party for you. You can simply set a date and invite friends over to your home for some food trip. The catch, however, is that each friends should bring their own contribution to the food buffet. It’s even better if there’s a variety of the food types; just agree among each other who’s bringing the pastas, the desserts, the meat, and so on.

Movie night Party

Movie night is fun when it’s done right. Though it’s usually done in the living room or in your very own room, nothing really beats watching horror movies outside. The natural darkness and the thrilling open environment just sets the mood so well. So if you’re thinking of setting up a home theater, have your options open to an outdoor version as well. Check out for some ideas about the equipment and set ups.

Gaming Party

Let’s face it, playing games with your friends is really fun. Set your house into a gaming zone for a day (or night). Install your playstation, xbox, wii for the video gamers. And don’t forget the actual physical games like Twister, board games like Monopoly, and card games. Pair with some music and food and everyone’s gonna bring out their inner gamer.


The Basics About Laser Lights Projector: Uses and Installation

laser lights at home

A popular home decoration that’s rocking today’s boat is laser lights projector. Perhaps, you might have heard about this trending decor when it comes to talks about Christmas lights. That’s because these babies are slowly taking over the traditional holiday lights for several reasons.

Christmas is a time where everyone gets together exchanging gifts and devouring delicious turkey, ham, cakes, and tons of other Christmas sweets (looks like the dentist needs to keep posted); it’s a time where family and friends gather over someone’s house (could be yours) to celebrate together. With that in mind, the place must oozing with Christmas spirit and this can easily be done by the use of laser lights.

Laser Lights

Lasers are not new to us; almost all industries all over the world make use of lasers, in one way or another. Today, laser lights have also gained popularity because of the benefits it offers homeowners. In a sense, laser lights are considered much more safer than traditional Christmas lights which have caused fire outbreaks too many times for the past decades.

Laser lights comes in many different colors; either one solid color or a combination of colors can be projected. What’s great is the fact that there are also many different symbols and icons that can be projected by these laser lights projectors. Some projectors may even have Santa’s face, snowflakes, reindeers, and stars among the available symbols.


Contrary to the idea that these laser light projectors are exclusively created for the holidays or for Christmas purposes only, these lights are actually quite flexible. You can easily make use of them for house parties; for instance, if you’re throwing a children’s party and you want a quick way to light up your home and make it less boring–these lights would be a great option. Furthermore, if you wish to throw a house party with friends who are into clubbing, these lights can also easily mimic club laser lights without any problem.

Christmas season preparation


These lights are the fastest install among any other Christmas lights. You simply need a socket, plug it in, point it to the area you want to cover with lights and you’re good to go. Prepare to say goodbye to dragging a ladder as there is no need to climb one anymore. Gone are the days when you’ll be struggling to reach the very top of the ceiling just to install some lights up there. With laser lights projector, the job just becomes much easier.

As far as installation concerns go, some might also ask where the places to install them would be. This will vary as it largely depends on your house. The only thing you need to remember is the need for a socket; but if you have long extension wires then anywhere may be a great place to set this up. There’s no need to worry about placing them outdoors; these lights are designed to stand the harsh environmental features outside your home. These laser lights projector won’t easily be affected by drizzles, wind, etc.

If you’re interested in laser lighting, you may visit Laser Christmas Lights HQ to know more details about the installation, uses, and benefits of these new and safer alternative.

A Few Thoughts on Small Businesses and Legal Liability

ideas for small business
As the proprietor of a small business, you’re most likely going to find yourself with innumerable responsibilities. You may be lucky enough to have employees under your tutelage or with a large portfolio of business contacts via which your business distributes and receives goods. You may be in the process of releasing cutting-edge services or goods that are under a new patent. In any case, you’ve seen your company grow through sweat, hard work and a drive to succeed. You’re proud of what you’ve done, and as such your knowledge of business must include the regulations and rules that apply to running them.

It’s important to understand that small businesses often run into many of the same guidelines as corporate enterprises. If you’re in charge of the release of a unique product, for instance, your company should be aware of intellectual privacy laws that protect your endeavor from theft by the competitive enterprise. Further, those aforementioned employees have rights under employment and labor laws, and as such it’s vital your company understands how best to follow these regulations.
The truth of the situation is that, for the functioning of both your business and the economy as a whole, legislation has been passed to ensure everyone – either employee or owner – operates fairly under the law with the help of legal assistants. Business laws – like most others – can be quite entangled and complicated; this is where help from firms such as that of  Arthur Duke Law Firm play a very important role.  Here at Wswinteracive, we will break down a few of the things you should know if you’re going to successfully adapt your company to small business law.

knowing business law

Businesses Have Legal Status
This one does not really apply if you’re already in business but is quite helpful if you’re on your way to starting one. Depending on what your enterprise is planning to do, most likely you’ll need to inform your local government you’re planning to commence activity. There may be a license involved, and your enterprise may need to take place on specialized properties zoned for the purposes inherent in your business type.

Employment Laws

This legislation controls how much you need to pay employees, how often/much they can work and how you’ll have to keep track of who’s on your roster. Despite media calling attention to minimum wages and hours as the primary facet of employment law businesses should be interested in, the fact of the matter is this aspect of business law remains one of the most complicated features of operating a business, and it’s, therefore, critical you understand its primary functions. A couple of the things you should know prior to hiring anyone:

1. Many times, you cannot simply hire and fire someone at will – in the United States, for instance, most states operate under “at-will’ working, where dismissal can happen via the employer’s express consent –except in illegal circumstances. It’s important to review why and how someone can be dismissed before terminating a contract.
2. Family, medical leave and worker’s compensation – your business will be required to have insurance to cover you and your employees in case of the accident on the job. Further, an employee’s acquired or pre-existing conditions may entitle him or her to paid leave or remuneration under current legislation.

Tax Laws
Whereas we all know we have to – and should want to – pay our taxes, we often question what the correct amount of tax should be. Typically, the government institutions in your State are complex and don’t seamlessly overlap with local legislation – which is often separate. As a proprietor, it’s vital you review your liability under both to ensure you save the correct amount to remit every year; otherwise, the business may be penalized with interest-accruing charges.

Along with the big three above, there are a number of growing branches of small-business law that are becoming increasingly applicable to small business, such as privacy law, data protection, intellectual property, and general finance law (in cases, for instance, wherein your business needs to be dissolved). Despite the drudgery of reviewing dry legislation, you’re going to need to have a working knowledge of these characteristics of owning a business. To not know where the chinks in your business’s armor are, you’re putting your hard work – and your employees’ livelihoods – at unnecessary risk.